The minimum age for riding a 50CC scooter, moped or motorcycle is 16 years old by law. A provisional license and CBT are required before you can go on the road.

Legal Age Requirement

You need a provisional category A-license, as part of a provisional license. This can be applied for via This provisional license costs £50 and will be with you for life, updating every time you either; pass another vehicle category, update your photo/address or have to produce your documents. The process takes around two weeks to complete and then you will receive your provisional license through the post.

Provisional License

You must complete a CBT before you are able to ride any moped, scooter or motorcycle on the road. This will give you the basic knowledge and understanding of how a motorcycle works, a full understanding of road safety awareness, road signs and practical training on your first scooter/motorcycle. The test takes one full day with most starting from 9am 'till 5pm. A CBT costs around £80 - £100 and is valid for two years which on expiration needs to be retaken. Visit to find your nearest centre.

Compulsory Basic Training

Technically termed as Mopeds, these vehicles fall under the following criteria:

  • A maximum speed of 50 KPH, or 31 MPH

  • The engine capacity does not exceed 50CC.

There are no restrictions on what the vehicle looks like, so mopeds can either be geared motorcycles or scooters. Regardless of what you took your CBT on, you can ride both geared and scooter.


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